I met Christian through my daughter in 2014, when he came to Chicago to visit our Craniofacial Centre and participate in the annual philanthropic gala, sponsored by Face the Future Foundation an organization dedicated to raise funds and awareness and support the care of needy patients of our Centre.

Christian was very interested in the organization of our Centre, our multidisciplinary approach for the management of patients born with facial clefts and other Craniofacial differences under one roof, the long-term follow-up of all our patients, and the emotional support provided to the parents and the patients’ families.

Christian continued coming to Chicago every year and tried to learn more about the functions of our Centre, but primarily the functions of the support groups.

In one of his visits, I had the opportunity to interview him in front of the camera and listen to his own ideas based in years of experience as a patient. The answer to my last question remains very vivid in my mind. I asked: Christian based on your personal experience tell me what you would advise young patients born with various facial differences? His answer came without hesitation: I would advise them to open up, do not keep your feelings for themselves, share their feelings with your parents, family, and friends, do not isolate themselves from society !!! Ask for help and support early on, and be able to live your lives as normal as possible, continue your studies and pursue your dreams for life, whatever they are.

What wise advice coming from somebody with a lot of experience in the topic. Thank you, Christian!!

Dr. Mimis Cohen, plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Face the Future Foundation / Craniofacial Centre