Thank you Christian. Every time I read one of your posts, I find myself inspired by your strength, honesty, and unstoppable perseverance. I also really appreciate you sharing the details, both large and small, of your personal journey. There were many obstacles, but also so much love and support. I know your mission is, in part, to raise awareness. You have raised mine, and at the same time inspired me in many ways. I have no doubt that I’m just one of countless people you have impacted for the better in your life. Just thought you should know. ?

David Eric Brenner, Christian’s former employer
If you want to hear a story about pain, physical, mental and spiritual, listen to Christian. If you want to hear a story about stoicism, listen to Christian. If you want to know about real humility, listen to Christian. If you want to experience laughter, happiness and love, listen to Christian!
So who is he?  Christian, or CJ as I call him, stood with his wonderful parents in front of me when he was just 3 and a half waiting to be interviewed by me for a place in the school where I was the Head Teacher. In all honesty I was shocked by his appearance  but on that day began a relationship which has lasted over 30 years.
His story is moving – he has been to hell and back but has never complained and has always come up smiling. – well mostly!His tenacity and strength of character knows no bounds. He is and always will be an amazing person. I commend him to you. He has taught me much- let him teach you.
Chere Hunter, Christian’s junior school headteacher at Arnold House School

Christian is an exceptional writer and human being. His words have been read around the world from the widely-read Huffington Post to the craniofacial community’s CCA Kids blog. It took a global village to make the man that you see before you today.

Christian received treatment in many different countries, and his story and audience reflect the worldwide community which gives him life.  His story is his super power. Christian is one talented individual that will certainly have an impact on you!

Kara Jackman, Marketing and Communications Coordinator, Children’s Craniofacial Association